Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow Way!

I've bimbled about this last week with a few short runs to get the legs back in action. How unfit am I!? I can't believe I feel so pooped after only 4 miles... these achy breaky legs have long forgotten the days of 22 miles on a Sunday morning under summer skies. 

I'm still making my comeback though I suspect it'll be a protracted one. The snow dump this weekend got in the way a bit but thankfully has stifled any over enthused urges to get back into some mileage. Hurrying the return is a common mistake and my legs have forgotten how to do this running thing. I'm instead enjoying some vicarious racing but am puzzled about the Dewsbury 10k.. was it cancelled?

House stuff still distracts M and I from the flab and unfitness...we slowly approach the move to our dream home with caution. I still daren't say nowt until it's in the bag. Maybe we'll make it in time for spring; the time for nesting. Happy shuffling.


oldrunningfox. said...

According to their website, the Dewsbury 10K was in fact cancelled due to adverse weather.
Glad to hear you're still keeping those speedy legs ticking over. I'm sure you'll come roaring back to top form once you get your other problems sorted. Best wishes.

ultra collie said...

can we all come and have a bloggers virtual housewarming when it does occur..not wanting to tempt fate or owt mind

Antony Bradford said...

Welcome back RB.

I know the effect of all the distractions.

I was booked to do Dewsbury but they cancelled it due to the snow. I think they plan to re-schedual so maybe do not bin your number just yet.

kate said...

keeping everything crossed for you :)

Hayfella said...

I like the idea of entering races as part of the comeback. I tend to want to hide away doing solitary bimblage until I feel 'ready' (whatever that may mean) to enter an event. The net result of this is... no events! I'm going to give your method a go.
Fingers crossed for the house.

kate said...

re: spikers.... we got these. they are so light and easy to use. from the pictures they look like they'd be bulky but would easily fit in a small bum bag. can't believe we've managed so long without them! i think they're probably the best for running in as they seem quite durable and worked well on mixed ground where we were too lazy to take them off ;) i'm not very good at gear reviews but i would say just buy these!

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