Thursday, 10 December 2009

Hot Chestnuts!

Ee by 'eck, its a lovely foggy 'n' cosy night and I've just got in from a chilly run at quite a lick. M and I ran together tonight & after feeling pretty tired the last day or two expected another slow slog. Bodies are funny things aren't they. After some weird spiky business with the heart rate again it then plummeted and we found ourselves clipping along at 6.30mm on the flat and barely dipping into zone 3 of heart rate (aerobic training pace). Not sure what's going on but we felt much fresher and easier running at what isn't even a a minute above 10k race pace for both of us. It must be the super powers of roast chestnuts. I've bunged some more in the oven for blog afters. They're a must on foggy nights.


Mark H said...

Well done on the pb today Sarah.That's a nice chunk to knock off for a 5k.
Looking good for Ribble Valley :-)

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