Sunday 6 August 2017

Forty-Something Fitness

I'm finally returning to what can be described as some regular running. A grand total of 12 weeks of 'training' logged after a pretty major break of six years from the running scene. Since then I've since changed jobs, moved counties, renovated a house, married and had a family... I'm no longer that thirty-something, running obsessed Yorkshire lass and have properly tipped into my maturer years with a little person in my life to keep me entertained.

 The break from running has been a tonic though and after a couple of months of running again I can truly say I'm loving it! The running mojo left me after my first and only marathon in 2011, it was just too much hard running and a lack of 'smellin' the roses' type runs that killed that running bug and then life has just happened.

 The running world has changed a bit too, Garmins are amazing and so much better! And there are so many new running shoe brands that I'm dizzied by the choice. I've also discovered Strava... a far too addictive app which feeds my unhealthy interest in what other people are doing. So, I'm now logging training sessions, starting up intervals and thinking about racing again... maybe its a mid life thing but hopefully it will last. 


oldrunningfox. said...

Great to see you're back running again. You've been missed. Enjoy!

Irregulamania said...

Excellent! - I am attempting to comeback myself after 7 years of not running. Three weeks in and I feel good!

Runningbear said...

Thank you both for visiting. I'm still managing to stay training and have managed a full six months so racing has restarted!

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