Sunday, 4 March 2012

New Playground

Runningbear's adventures have been more like escapades this month, starting with another wobble in the world of house buying and selling. M & I are hoping that we are over this final 'test' in this stressy world of ultra house buying endurance... Dare I say we hope to be moving in the next month.

I'll not be surprised if summat else goes pear-shaped but for now I'm being sustained by thoughts of this beautiful new playground on our doorstep and a shorter commute to save more of those summer evenings for sun kissed runs and suppers with a view.
Runningbear's new home-to-be is big and handsome with breathtaking views but in need of some TLC along the way. M & I are already planning our running routine with hill reps in the front garden and a home made cross country circuit at the back. 

This helps to distract from the actual running now, which is far less nice or exciting. We're getting out a bit but I'm feeling a bit fat, unfit and my body feels ancient. I creak about our well trodden routes with constant back ache, silently screaming hammies and complaining knees. Running feels a bit unpleasant, painful even. But I'm guessing this is what being unfit feels like.

Real life feels like its been kept on hold except for work which just seems to race ahead of everything else. I've been keeping sane with night time instalments of Borgen (hurry up series 2) and some Lens browsing. Can't wait for life to start again...oo bring on the light nights, weekend races and running in sunnies.


ultra collie said...

fingers crossed

kate said...

and what a view that is :) crossing fingers here too! i've missed the start of borgen, will it fill the whole that 'the killing' has left?

Julie said...

Hi there! I had to stop by your blog and see what is new with you. I hope that your running is going well. You are so funny...feeling a bit fat! Not possible.:) Take care!

Running Blog said...

I do envy your running scenery :p down here in Kent it's basically just flat with the old field here and there :(

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