Sunday, 18 March 2012


Lots of things have been on hold, or paused for weeks and months now. The winter has whispered past with me barely noticing as life tumbles on in this never ending washing cycle of annoying stuff, like surveys and solicitor bills. 

The new home is almost in sight just a couple more weeks and we can return to those fond routines, back on the sunny road to running fitness with some bits of DIY in between.

M's work trip away to the sun has left me thinking of us leaving this home not long from now. It feels sad to be leaving all our running steps behind across the hills and by the river. Perhaps a bit of us will stay in this lovely Yorkshire valley. For now the warmer days are keeping me perky as I pack our things and imagine our new home; a Lancashire lass I'll be.


ultra collie said...

great endurance training i'd say rb..hope the last stretch goes smoothly

Old Man said...

You haven't changed your mind about moving, I hope!

oldrunningfox. said...

Hope you're settled in soon - even though you are crossing the border. You'll always be a Yorkshire lass to me. Good luck!

Runningbear said...

Thanks UC, dare not pack in case summat else goes wrong. This is more ultra endurance.

And Old Man, I've lost all feeling - love the house but am kinda numb with it all! It's been a long haul.

And thanks ORF, am thoroughbred Yorkshire :)- they'll not convert me.

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