Saturday, 28 January 2012


So I write this as I contemplate the last 3 months of not running and wonder if a blog name change is needed. Running has instead been replaced by a big dipper drama of house buying. I think we've lived through the gritty Eastenders equivalent as opposed to the quaint period costume drama experience and we're not at the end of it yet either. I'm wondering if anything else could go wrong but hoping a move to our very own corner of heaven will be on the cards soon...
So for now I'll not taint our plans by typing any more until all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed. There's at least there's some space to return to the running passion that always helps to put all other things in perspective. I'm making my training comeback today with a brief grassy jog under sunny skies. The frost and sunshine is tempting me out of the fluffy dressing gown and into the outdoor world where house viewings, fickle buyers and conveyancing bills are distant memories. 

The race calendar is out of the window but a gem of a summer race should work well as a focus to get me training again. Perhaps this very well rested Runningbear's killer instinct will return... wish me well for my foray into the grassy pastures of Ben Rhydding hockey pitches. Grrr.


kate said...

hang in there rb, a little corner of heaven will be worth the all the hassle. perfect weather for running today, hope you enjoyed it and watch out for your shins- i have horrible memories of hockey pitches! welcome back :)

ultra collie said...

great to have you back blogging rb..we have all missed you. little parcels of heaven dont come easily..thats why theyre called that i guess
(whats with the nutter standing up on the big dipper!)

oldrunningfox. said...

Hi there RB, great to hear from you again. Like many others, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everything to work out well for you - and hoping heaven is just around the corner. Meanwhile, a few sunny runs will maybe work wonders for your morale. Keep blogging.

Hayfella said...

Welcome back RB. Sounds like a few runs on grass under sunny skies are just what you need. For therapy, not training. Hope your housey stuff all goes well.

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