Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Blackberry Test

I'll spare you the excuses from my longest ever blog skive, other than to say that I think I can safely confirm that I'm earning my new salary. That's all I'm saying on the matter for fear of being a bit moany when I should be glad of such a nice job, or even having one at all. I've been putting in the miles alright this last week and the dodgy foot is happy as long as it's road bound. The long runs are making a noticeable dfference to fitness; an easy 5 this morning saw me running 6.30 pace for the middle miles on the flat with a fairly low heart rate. That, or I've a big problem with my Garmin.

Sunday was my first 22 and run at a bit easier pace, (the fast running pal has broken his collar bone!), so it has left more juice in the legs than usual for the quality Tues night session. A trip to Seedhill for some alternating MRP and threshold miles should stretch me nicely. M's back too with a return to V02 work with his new improved bum cheek in all its glory. Oh, and one week to go before we'll become fully fledged masseurs too.

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Antony Bradford said...

Pleased that your both back and getting fit.

I can confirm the Blackberry is working fine.

It must be a sign that the long runs are working as you seem to be running faster with a lower heart rate. They do say that the long runs are as much about training the heart and vascular system as they are about training the legs.

Hope your running pal(SM) has a speedy recovery.

Regards AB

Julie said...

Oh boy Sarah, I wish I could say that a 6:30 pace was giving me a fairly low heart rate:) This past weekend I ran three miles at my 5k bust and move pace 7:30 was my best....not even close to your rock star pace!! Good job Sarah!! You really inspire me to want to be faster:) I hope that you have a fabulous week!!

Hayfella said...

Great post RB. Makes me want to get out and do some longer runs. I'm compensating by doing shorter, hillier ones. I say compensating; I'm probably deluding myself and should get out there for longer. Glad the foot's on the mend.

Runningbear said...

Thanks for the positive comments all. Am glad I can blog from my phone as was feeling bad neglecting it these last few weeks and the train journey is otherwise a bit of a snooze...

Long runs are coming on good Julie and I think they should feature whatever distance you race. Strength is so key to distance running 10k up, I can't understand why I didn't do things this way before. It takes time but its only hard work to get that pace down. No magic involved. You can do it...

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