Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Anytime. Anywhere.

Just thought I'd try the novelty of posting from the train on my commute this productive am I!? I've even attached a splendid pic of a fine train platform for you to enjoy...
It's perhaps a bit too early in the day for my fat thumbs to cope with the tiny BB kyes (oops) and there'll no doubt be lots of spelling to correct later so apols in advance. Track session was good last night but epic; after 12 miles they turned out the lights and M and I could only finish up in the dark for a cool down. I felt fresh for the 12, alternating MRP and threshold miles and now wonder how good a session it was. Only time will tell I suppose and I'm still learning. Tonight's a steady 14 though I might push it up a mile and see how that feels. This marathon training is very time consuming...
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  1. Yes but, If you can gain more time and blog whilst commuting you should hopefully have more time to fit in the miles.

    Or is that what are thinking anyway?

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Wow, you posted from your Blackberry and on a train!!! Now that is talent!! You are my running hero....when the hell am I going to be able to say, "I felt fresh for the first twelve miles!" Ha ha!! I hope that you have a great day RB:)