Thursday, 4 March 2010

Chilly Calves

It felt unusually early when the alarm cockadoodled me awake this morning; a sure sign I'm over cooking things a bit. Once I'd peeled myself out of bed I was glad to be up though; trainers on and out into the frost for a morning jog and a chance to wake up the legs the morning after the night before.

I've been a bit lazy with the chores lately and am rapidly running out of fresh kit. I optimistically pulled on capri pants and immediately regretted the decision as the morning's icy fingers wrapped themselves around my calves. Lovely though to be greeted by dawn light on these early runs after a long, dark winter.

The jog was an easy one after squeezing a steady 15 in last night. It was a perfectly still and clear night so pacing was a comfy 6.50s average, with my heart rate a bit lower again than last week. My new improved spreadsheet is definitely a winner; I can now monitor improvements in my average pacing and heart rate each week and identify shifts in aerobic
fitness. Interesting aren't I. Yes, I am a geek and proud of it :)

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Gregg said...

i've been away for some time and just stopped in to see your status in the training world. looks like things have been going well. you are correct in talking about the time commitment. my only advice is to make sure your recovery days are really RECOVERY days. (6:30's seem a bit quick...) take it slow. if you find yourself struggling on your uptempo days then back off and get the rest. best of luck! it looks like you're on the right path.

Runningbear said...

Thanks and nice to have you visit Gregg, yes, recovery days are important and I'm being fairly sensible though I actually only have one day as recover but run this at recovery pace which is over 7 min/miles at the moment. I often rely on heart rate to tell me the effort level as pace doesn't always give the whole picture. Thanks for the encouraging words, hope your running is going well too?

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