Saturday, 31 October 2009

Cross Country

The trip to Mansfield was tense yesterday, I had pre-race jitters at the pressure of running with our fastest ladies team over a 3k cross country course amongst some of the best runners in the land. The nice bit was the venue, back to Berry Hill for a lovely undulating course with fantastic loo provision and a nice trackside cafe offering bacon butties and trays of chips for those deserving a post-XC snack.
Soon after arriving we heard the news that one of our star runners had suffered a run in with a pothole and after a stunt roll across a pavement into the road was lucky to still be with us. Mary W is okay I think but not quite okay enough to race. So Vicky W, me and Jo B took on the XC world together. Vic took on leg #1 and despite the interruption and stress of a foot op earlier this year still looked a lean running machine and brought us through in 15th position to hand over to me on leg 2. I was nicely in touch with a few ladies at the leg start and enjoyed the chase through the woods though could still feel the GSR in my legs. After being passed by one far too perky looking runner I managed to dig in and pass a few more over the climb out of the woods and through the final 800m to bring us to 8th, handing over to Jo B for the final leg. Jo ran a stormer and maintained our position for much of the run, clashing elbows with some of the fastest in the field, even Steph Twell was there. Jo brought us home in 10th place after a battle to the finish line. A good gutsy result for us girls I think. Results here. The boys 'A' team ran strong too, the 'B' boys not making a full team in the end and M's nasty cold left him glad of a lucky escape. Its back to the long run tomorrow.


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