Friday, 30 October 2009

Friday Night Fever

As always, time off school has flown by and its now nearly the weekend before going back to work. M is feeling miserable with a cold & I'm trying to be very Zen and 'in the moment' but I can't help but feel all depressed and distracted by the looming miserable Monday back at the office. To distract myself, I've gone for the cheap fix. Yes, a bit of Internet shopping.
I'm a massive music lover and have to avoid going into shops that sell music of any kind (or books, or cameras, or exotic foods, or ice cream for that matter...) I get a bit overwhelmed by the endless list of stuff I want to listen to and have to come away with nothing or risk spending a whole year's earnings. Anyway, I have since discovered a new way, a 'Third Way' of approaching the whole 'too-much-choice-paralysis' that leaves me frozen like a frightened rabbit in front of book shelves, CD racks and Indian restaurant menus. M sent me a link to an Internet site that has a comprehensive range of music for download even for my less mainstream tastes and it is really very reasonable indeed as well as being totally legal (I really don't feel too happy engaging with the illegal download market). Anyway, Xmas has come early in Runningbear's house. The idea is I buy it first on MP3 format cheap, have a good listen before I decide if its worthy of a CD purchase. I am old fashioned and like a good album sleeve and something tangible to stack on a shelf. So far this week I have bought 17 new albums. Yes, 17! Including one by a band called F**k Buttons. Sadly, M doesn't share the same tastes so they are confined to my Cowon D2 and earphones for now. I'm so excited to have so many new tunes to listen to. The blow of Monday's commute is now softened a tad...
Anyways, back to running. I'm in a funny place reflecting on my training this year and plans for the marathon next year. I think I'm in a bit of a rut and am wondering whether my approach needs a review or whether I'm still slowly adjusting to the building mileage. I just don't seem to be running as well as I should after all the hard work over the summer. M reckons I'm being impatient and that it'll all kick in very soon. The main thing to avoid is doing more in a panic to see improvements. An easy run was welcome today after a steady 9m on the trails yesterday. The legs are feeling a bit niggly so I may not be ready for the shock of a 3k XC race tomorrow. Gulp. That just sounds so wrong, 3k is just too short.


jumbly said...

Do you not use Spotify? I find it's perfect to decide if I like something enough to buy it.

Hayfella said...

Firstly, welcome back and very well done for the GSR. There's nothing more stressful than getting to the start too late. You'll time it better next time.
Secondly, Spotify is totally brilliant. Have a listen, decide if you like it, then buy it. Assuming it's got the people you like of course!

kate said...

f**k buttons-i know i'm going to sound like my nan but is that really the name of the band ;)

have a great race and enjoy the mud tomorrow!

Mark H said...

Hi Sarah.
Bad luck on the pesky winds at GSR.
That sea front finish is cruel.Seems to be like it every year.
I've just entered it for next year (must be mad).Surely one year it won't be windy!
Check out FLASHING RED LIGHT MEANS GO by THE BOXER REBELLION on youtube.It might be up your street.

ultra collie said...

i reckon you have the word 'rest' missing in your copy of the dictionary..but you can wiki it and find out what it is! ;)

are f### buttons an offshoot of 'peter and the test tube babies' by any chance. a band of fame with hits like 'run like hell' (a side) and 'up yer bum' (b side)

Runningbear said...

Hi Jumbly - checked out spotify but have to subscribe and wasn't sure how this worked if for downloading stuff as listen to most away from the computer. I'd thought you could only stream music via your computer or an equipped mobile..? Can you download files too?

Hayfella - thanks for the welcome home :) Have had a little investigation of spotify, see above.

Mark H - you were right about that wind but glad I ran and it was my own silly fault for not having a reliable watch to keep an eye on the pace. Will learn from the experience. Local races for the next few weeks which makes a nice change. See you soon HPTT maybe? Plan to go again the week after Thirsk 10m.

UC - wise words. I'm not good at the taking it easy after races, am either buzzing to get out again on the back of success or want a punishing session in frustration for a rubbish run. I will contemplate this notion of 'resting' some more... not sure there are music links to P&TTTB, not quite punk pathetique and more "adrenaline pumping, ear purging slab of towering, pristine noise…"or something like that. You can check them out here:

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