Wednesday, 28 October 2009


An amble out across the border to Lancashire and a visit to Nelson for half a track session today was a bit of a test for these race recovering legs and a taste of the faster pace that'll be no doubt needed for this Saturday's National Cross Country Relay Champs at Mansfield.
The club are fielding both male and female teams for this high quality event so I'll have to brace myself for this intro to the XC season as it'll be blistering fast, something these old legs are not quite ready for. A VO2 session of 300m efforts today should keep the fatigue at bay but also give me a bit of a kick start from all the long races of late. I was also chauffered by Mr Complete Runner himself today and treated to a fine lunch at a nearby canalside cafe. The ducks were very sweet and obviously on the lookout for any choco softies that might be going spare.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah. Don't worry I did feel better later that day. But I wasn't ready to chase Andrew Pearson at the time. That's if he turned up? I'm feeling good though.
No team has been entered for the relay's through lack of interest and other clashing events.
Nice run at GSR. I wish you best of luck and the team in Mansfield. Ian

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