Thursday, 24 June 2010


It was a long and frustrating day at work today; a working-very-hard-but-achieving-nothing kind of day. I was longing for the journey home so I could peel off the suit and burst out of the door, trainer clad and running free. Yippee! The early evening was filled with a fresh and brisk 10 mile run along my usual Dales' trails; the Wharfe was my burbling companion except for the occasional startled sheep interrupting the running flow. 

I've been niggly all week and a bit anxious about my dodgy leg. Tonight it was a relief to feel easy and strong. There's nothing to beat these mid-week summer runs, once the office mania has quietened its swirling in my head. I was soon absorbed in the sights and smells of running through warm grass and enjoying the contrast of a cool green canopy as I hit the woodland trails with summery songs playing in my head. I'm a bit of a running puritan and judge harshly those who use modern distraction devices (IPods etc.); being fully aware and in the moment is surely what its' all about?! Anyway, tonight's run inspired a summertime slideshow complete with a tune that I just can't seem shake off...Haikuesque from Bibio.


fabiola said...

Beautiful slideshow and music too. I also like running without the technical distractions of iPods. I just prefer the sounds of nature or the music of my thoughts.

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