Sunday, 27 June 2010


After a rather tropical training week hitting the miles I'd been bracing myself for the extra toughness of the weekend sessions in the daytime heat... and I wasn't wrong. Coach Scobie made no allowances during Saturday's session; he worked us hard with a descending ladder  from 2k dropping down to 400M, all at sub 80 split pace with a total of well over 5k. The session was a bit daunting given my lack of speed work this year.

I struggled with the running rhythm early on and lacked the even pacing but settled into some speedy running once I found the Runnngbear groove. I felt floaty light in my Nerve spikes and managed to finish with a final flourish of 2.35 for 800M and 71 for the final 400M.
I'm actually enjoying track work for the first time in this second running life. I've some work to do yet to develop the strength endurance but for now, I'm learning to run fast so I can race fast...

This morning was another running feat in the heat; a steady 16 miles from home run early but not quite early enough to avoid the scorching sun. I was crawling over the doorstep hallucinating giant chilled bottles of chocolate milk by 11.30am. The afternoon was one long rehydrating blur...

So, another fine training week in the body bank soon to be followed by a small spending spree; a fast and furious 3k session on Tuesday night. Keep all those pinkies crossed my cheque doesn't bounce.


AnaVar said...

Hi! I just discovered the site, and reading older posts.. I enjoyed going through it and will visit you again soon! I started to run this spring and I hope I'll make it a habit.

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