Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Haunting

When I got up this morning we'd stupidly thought Halloween was behind us. I downed my porridge & was ready and feelin' all perky for that long run despite the 3k painfully evident in the calves and hammies. By 11am the wind was whistling down the attic stairs and the rain was still giving our leaking back porch a relentless battering. We could put it off no longer and so I ventured out, with M sat waiting in the car a mile into my planned 19m route today; a hilly road loop from home to Otley and back.

The first mile didn't seem all that bad but then I hit the first flood waters and M sat waiting at the road block, my loyal ferryman. We edged across the water in our little car and parked to restart the run together, pushing on to Askwith, dodging the growing puddles and car spray along the way. The weather was very wet and pretty breezy but the going was good until 9m. Another flood forced us to turn back; a bit annoying but it was that or swim and I'm not training for Tri. Even the cars didn't fancy their chances. A return to Ilkley and a swift recalculation led to a local run. At 13 miles we turned into what could only be described as hellish head winds, I'm convinced this wind, 'the Tormentor' followed me from Portsmouth last week. The haunting continued with increasing strength as each mile bleeped on my Garmin. It was some strange kind of windy hell. Not sure how but we got home with 19.25m clocked at an average of 7.20/mile pace, with plenty of hills, wind and everything. This is my longest run ever. M did great too, managing his sniffles to clock 18m in the end. We got home and cosy in time for Paula running in the Big Apple. It was sad she couldn't make today victory #4 but sort of reassuring that even the likes of she has off days. A recovery run before work tomorrow and then back to massage school. We've got our first exam. All digits crossed.
P.s. I'm very pleased with my recent music purchases, The XX album is highly recommended.


Hayfella said...

Sounds a Devilish sort of run! I'm full of admiration that you got out at all. Well done at the XC too.

Mark H said...

Well toughed out RB.
I hate runs like that , but they need to be done and they are character building.
Hope M gets well soon.I need him to pace me round at Thirsk!
Must say , you don't like chart stuff do you?
Nowt wrong with that however in my book.
It's a bit deep but you might like it.
Mark H.

Runningbear said...

Thanks Hayfella, nothing comes between RB & her run ;)

MH - M much better now and lurgy hasn't interfered with his training! Not got much chart stuff at the moment but nothing wrong with a good pop Love this tune, thanks for the recommendation,keep 'em coming. RB

Mark H said...

JOLAN DISTRICT by THE NUMBER.Another good song and video on YOUTUBE.
Have a cd full of this bands stuff.They're currently unsigned but well worth a listen.

10 mile speed session is beckoning , gotta get fit for Abbey Dash and Thirsk!

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