Thursday, 16 July 2009

A Certain Yearning

Am truly pooped after two hefty nights of training this week. After my heavenly hill session on Tuesday night I then joined M for a steady 10 miles on an old route fondly named the Beamsley Bash. My heart rate was a bit high confirming my instincts that I'd bitten off a bit much and should really have stuck to my plans. Anyway have been extra good tonight and kept to a very easy 5m on the grass in the refreshing rain whilst a bunch of lady cricketers cowered under the pavilion porch. Legs feel heavy and tired (serves me right & will I ever learn I hear you sigh) so will have a good stretch tonight in preparation for the relay tomorrow.

Aside from grimacing as these old pins grumbled into action I spent the remaining 4.95 miles of tonight's run fantasising about a revelation in gadgets. Yesterday a friend at work loaned me his gorgeous toy to help me cope with my entire day of desk work, glued to my computer doing all that work I promise to do in all those meetings I go to. The awesome Cowon D2 is an amazing little box of tricks. For any music lover this is an incredible piece of kit. I've managed to avoid the pull of Apple marketing and abstained from any 'i' purchases but have been truly taken by this little machine. It has an incredible sound so deep & fruity that it puts my home system to shame. I'm now sitting on my hands to stop any naughty mouse clicks on that well known Internet shopping site. My basket is overflowing already. On other hand, if music be the food [cake] of love...I want a big piece.


kate said...

unfortunately i'm a bit evangelical about apple products-good luck with the relay though ;)

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