Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hill Heaven

Just a quickie as I'm so in need of a good kip. Did good tonight and managed 7 x 3mins on the steep bit of Ben Rhydding drive. The session was less hell & more heaven tonight; just managed to finish the full set in reasonable shape and am feeling like I'm getting my teeth back into some quality sessions. My legs were burning a bit after Sunday's race but I managed a pretty consistent effort I think. Total run was 9.5 miles all in. No more tough stuff now until the relay on Friday. 3 more days to holidays. Yay.


kate said...

good work :)
...where are you going?

runnerinsight said...

nice job! just sweat it all out! Goodluck on all your future endeavors! : )

ultra collie said...

like it..hill heaven...3 mins up is great..kenyan or otherwise?

Runningbear said...

K - no plans to travel, just some time to potter, recharge, gets some great runs in and bake cakes ; )

Thanks Runnerinsight - well done on your HM last week.

UC - not sure what Kenyan hills are, can you describe a session? THese were steep with a jog recovery just short of the 3mins effort. A continuous run but not at continuous pace. Legs now feel hungover, RB.

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