Monday, 13 July 2009

Seeing Stars

Nope, I've not been pestering any of our resident Emmerdale soap stars or stalking the local Look North weatherman. Poor M came home with a rather sore head tonight. He's being a very brave soldier sporting a rather impressive gash to the nut. He nearly knocked himself out getting up from his desk today and finding a book shelf strategically placed above his seat. Ouch. Note the helpful reconstruction to the left to assist the mental picture.
So, once we were confident that the circling bluebirds and stars had cleared we set out for our steady Monday run tonight, opting for the reservoir figure of 8 for a bit. This was partly in preparation for another friendly local race this Friday; the Washburn Valley Relay organised by another fine local club, Otley AC. We'll be running in a mixed work team with me taking us out on leg #1; a muddy and hilly affair complete with clouds of midges totalling 5k (ish). These regular short races are getting me in the mood for the X country season which kicks off in September with the British Masters relays in Mansfield - I'm already dusting off the trusty spikes. Tonight's run totalled 7m at 7.29 pace over trail terrain. It's good to be feeling strong and race hungry again.


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