Saturday, 18 July 2009

Rainy Relays & A Slighty Soggy Saturday

Well, we did it again. We are the mixed team champions of Washburn Valley Relay 2009. Woo hoo! For the second year we entered a work team comprising of Me, Nigel A from Pudsey Pacers and M. Our triumphant trio took the gold, coming 4th overall and running away with the Mixed team cup and a nice bottle of wine each. Frankly, I'd have been crushed if we hadn't after all the hanging around on the most miserable Summer's eve since time began.

I ran first leg through a route that had ceased to be trail and can only be fairly described as a cesspit to hand over to Nigel on leg #2 in close 4th. Nigel ran a storming run on his leg(s), catching some fierce male competition and bringing the team in 2nd place overall. M had the joys of hanging around in the continuous p***ing rain before eventually getting his run, leading the team home on leg #3, bringing us home well clear of the next mixed team and 4th place overall in a quality field of fast blokes. He had a stormer! Shame about the weather but we have another lovely, shiny thing to polish - no pics of my own as I didn't risk the lovely Canon toy getting all damp but hope to find some on the Otley site soon.

I'd managed to dry out enough by this morning to consider a trip over to Nelson for a short and sweet track session of 300m strides. It was nice to have the company of Josie H and Justin P who had planned a full speed session with local super-coach Terry L. I trotted around chasing their tails in an decrepit fashion to get the post-race legs turning over. A visit to Lidl on the way home has topped up our Choco Softie or 'VIPF', (very important performance fuel) supply. A nice and easy long one tomorrow and then 2 weeks off work! LIFE IS GOOD.


kate said...

congratulations-you must be in need off an extension with all your silverware ;)

ultra collie said...

and a lorry load of brasso to keep them sparkling

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