Sunday, 19 July 2009

Lazy Sunday

Ran a nice and steady 14 today, starting from the Fisherman's Pub in Bingley, taking in some canal towpath out to Apperley Bridge before looping back through Esholt, home of Emmerdale Farm and back to Bingley. The run felt relaxed and easy today except for the mid-way belly crawl under the waterworks barriers - Yorkshire Water seem to have suddenly decided to turn the water treatment works into Fort Knox; the four of us had to crawl on our bellies in mud to pass through the usual route or face a rather long and annoying detour back to base. Despite the muddy tummies the pace was very civilised and it felt nice not to be wasted for a change after my long run. Saying that I still enjoyed a minor nap on the couch this afternoon in front of the telly. It's blissful knowing I'm work free for a bit at least. If only all Sunday nights could feel like this.


Hayfella said...

Congratulations on your relay win
Congratulations on your hill session
Congratulations on your steady 10
Congratulations on your lovely sounding 14.
Not that I'm jealous. Honest.
Hayfella (at home getting fat)

Runningbear said...

Thanks Hayfella, your poor, brave soldier.
Sounds like you're on the mend though..?

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