Monday, 20 July 2009

Mushroom Roulette

We had a treat of an away run on this fine, summery, non-work filled Monday morning. M & I called over to Jamil P's house for a catch-up and amble out; an undulating trail route around the hills of Otley, looping through Riffa Wood and back to the river. The pace was easy and the company relaxed for this smell-the-roses type excursion. We happened upon a giant field mushroom which I dutifully picked and attempted to tote back with us for the remaining half of the run only to find its flesh drilled like Swiss cheese, rampant with wriggling things. So much for the mushroom soup JP promised. We totalled just under 9 miles and returned via Waitrose for a top lunch and chat in fine & handsome company, (I know you're reading JP). A track session tomorrow back at Nelson; 800s this time with a hope of building on the improving form in time for a strong XC season.


kate said...

jealous-i want (another) holiday!

ultra collie said...

a waitrose, not a lidl,'re going up market on your hols hey ;)

Runningbear said...

Sorry Kate, though be comforted that we're getting the rain for May and June in our two weeks off!

UC - we thought we'd live it up a bit.. initially feared we might not get in with our trainers on!

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