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You might be picking up that I'm feeling a tad guilty after neglecting my blog this week. Life has just been too hectic! How do I find the time to work!? After a nice and easy ramble around Riffa Woods and a spot of lunch chez Jamil P on Monday, M & I made the trip to Nelson for our weekly VO2 session on Tuesday. The session was 8x800m and felt tough in the usual Lancs wind and rain but we stuck to the plan and managed to squeeze out pretty even times; all the reps were nicely within a couple of seconds of each other despite the painfully short 90 secs recovery. By the evening I felt I'd earned the massive blow-out curry, our second social in as many days in the charming company of Mark I. I ate enough for the three of us but then well and truly paid for it all evening with birthing pains into the wee hours.
So today, an easy 5 near home helped to quieten the curry hangover before a trip to Maggie for a (not very relaxing but much needed) leg massage and then coffee and cake with another running pal in Guiseley, Julian M. A lovely couple of hours spent it was too. But where will my gluttony end...? We have two more dinners lined up with friends before this weekend. I'm gonna have to diet like crazy from Saturday if I've any hope of squeezing into my running shorts without cutting off a blood supply. I've grown a second chin and third belly in 72 hours. Lots of running next week is my only chance.


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Nice blog you have here, and music, which is quite inspiring for an old codger twice your age - and more! Like you I do most of my running in lovely Wharfedale, Grassington area, and never tire of it.
    Good luck with the running.

  2. Of all the hangovers you can have, a curry hangover is not the worst of them ;)

  3. go with the flow rb..that's the joy of holidays..or erm erm life in generAL

  4. Runningfox - checked out your blog and saw you were running just round the corner from us the other day (singing Leona Lewis!). Thanks for visiting.

    All - holidays are fab if it doesn't rain every single day, can you believe the timing!? I've resorted to eating my way around the house and have doubled in size. Will have to roll round the race tomorrow.

  5. Two mentions now....I must be popular...



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