Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Legend of the Rombalds Romp

After the last five days of cultivating my impressive pot belly (having now indulged in 5 slap up dinners in a row!) I managed to squeeze through the front door this morning & pop up to Ilkley Moor to watch friends and club mates in a new local race, the Rombalds Romp. The race involved a 7 mile loop climbing up along the moor ridge path, taking in an anti-clockwise loop via deep bogs and bone-rattling descents. I was very impressed by the sights of thigh-high mud which only added to the dramatic backdrop of the gorgeous Wharfedale valley views. I also got to meet running legend Ron Hill MBE. Ron was sporting a new go-faster haircut and looking very sprightly despite this less familiar fell terrain. He was also very friendly and posed for some pics ...

Training this week has remained pretty full-on, in line with my plans to train hard through Summer races and use events as threshold sessions in preparation for the Autumn. I ran a tidy 12m on the road with M on Thursday, followed by a few speedy strides on the hockey pitches on Friday (before dining out #5 with the lovely John & Anita in a local Vietnamese that evening - a real treat). M & I ran an easy 4 today to loosen our legs for the Pudsey Challenge 10k in the morning. The course is a mixture of road and muddy trails with some (well lots) of hills. The terrain makes times pretty meaningless which feels quite liberating. I'm feeling a bit too relaxed though as M noted tonight. I'll have to work on getting nervous in the morning.


Antony Bradford said...

Thanks for the inspirational comment for tommorows Harrogate 10k. I was going to do Pudsey but bottled it and went for the flatter course(Harrogate). Having not raced 10k on the road for a while I am not sure what to expect tommorow.

Hope you have a good run in the Pudsey 10k challenge.

kate said...

like the slide show, particularly the b&w. have great run tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have any more photos of Saturday's Rombolds Romp? I'd love it if you could send me any of runner #2 (60th place). I'm sure John Ward at Abbey Runners ( love any photos you could send too for our website.



I did Pudsey too. Both were tough. Hope you had a good run!

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