Sunday, 26 July 2009


Well, relaxing seems to help. After feeling pretty chilled about the race last night and in the absence of the usual pre-race butterflies in my tummy this morning, we drove over to Pudsey for the 10k trail challenge under grey skies, anticipating a muddy and slow race today. We weren't far wrong though the drizzle sort of helped to keep us reasonably cool in the muggy conditions.
Pudsey Pacers do a great job of organising this pretty tough road & trail event, attracting over 400 runners and some real quality amongst them. You even get a fresh banana with your T-shirt at the finish.
Both M and I were feeling a bit rubbish in the warm up after a heavy training week & decided it should be approached as nothing more than a solid threshold run. We lined up next to an army of P & B boys; they all looked tough and very fast and led out the race at a blistering pace. I managed to run my own race at least, easing off the pace in the first mile, (I've made that mistake before; running a sub 5.30 first mile and never recovering). Anyway I stayed relaxed & ran cautiously for the first half to then push on for the second. This course has two stinker climbs and lots of mud and trail so felt pleased with my strength and came back first lady by a good margin. M also ran great, just a minute or so behind me and taking some good scalps. He's definitely back to his pre-op form.
Anyway, I picked up some more goodies for my efforts. The prize giving was a bit embarrassing as I won 3 different categories and ended up like a Crackerjack contestant with arms full of trophies, bottles of wine and a rather nice trainer token. A good morning's work. Now then, time for the post-race refueling...


MarkH said...

Well done Sarah.
I've never done this race but my mates at Rothwell tell me it's very tuff.
Did you get near to the course record ?

Antony Bradford said...

Well done RB. It sounds like you ran a good tactical race and held back your strength until later in the race. Having run this course last year it counts as probably the toughest 10ks I have ever done. You only have to look at the mens and ladies course records to know this. Enjoy your refueling, you derserve it.

Runningbear said...

Thanks MH - is a toughie but in a good way - great strength prep for the XC season I reckon. Course was pretty wet so half minute off Tracey Morris record - next year maybe ;)

Ta AB - cracking run for you too in high quality field. Still waiting to see published results. Have done myself proud and scoffed so much I never want to see another spoonful of rhubarb crumble again.

Phil said...

Well done once again RB. I haven't seen the full results yet, so dont know the times, but can see you've done good.
It was nice to see you on Sat too at the Rombalds. Phil

kate said...

i hate pot hunters ;)
good running again, well done!

Runningbear said...

Thanks Phil - good to see you out if rather unexpectedly at Pudsey after your hard work in Ilkley, you must be racing fit by now. What's next?

Thanks Kate, pot hunting's my favourite hobby : ) Well, especially when it involves wine. No cake though.

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