Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Rainy Holidays

Clearly our timing was perfect to plan our fortnight of running bliss in the late July sunshine. Where did it all go? Having spent several weeks moping about the office as the sun burned outside to then finally get time off and have it p*** down the whole time really takes the biscuit. The training hasn't suffered much but it'd be good to catch a few rays and be able to think smugly to myself about everyone stuck in the office.
After the efforts of the Pudsey 10k on Sunday I managed to lug my tired body around the Strid on Monday though the quads are suffering a bit; it's been a while since they've had to work hard on any steep climbs or descents. We ran a longer one today on the canal (in the rain) but again with very tired legs so an easy day or two to follow before any more hard sessions. Today was so gloomy we ventured to Keighley Picture House for a bit of a distraction but all we could find to see was the latest Harry Potter (in the school holidays). The cinema is an old style picture house with tiled and neon frontage. Were it anywhere else it would be well loved inside too but sadly this is Keighley. You could smell the toilets from the 3rd row. Still, the popcorn was good.


Hayfella said...

So sorry about your weather - especially with ucollie in sunny Portugal! Congratulations on Pudsey - fantastic. All your hard work is paying off. Thank you so much for the fern pic. I think it's Athyrium filix-femina (the Lady Fern). Great things eh! Finding it tough to get out at the moment. Not good, with Lowther in just over a week. Oh well...

Runningbear said...

Thanks Hayfella - glad you liked the fern pic. Sorry the legs are letting you down - any light at the end of the running tunnel? RB

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