Chuckin' Buckets

Plans for a day out to make the most of our jollies were again foiled today by the seriously poor weather. I don't mind rain too much, and I'm even happy to run in it. But a trip to the seaside is not much fun. So we have been again stuck indoors much of the day. I did enjoy a couple of guilty hours watching some old Six Feet Under repeats. In my bored googling this afternoon I happened upon this cool site called Panoramio. The pic is courtesy of a local talent who has captured the current weather beautifully.

In my virtual wandering online I became quite drunk on the fantasy of a career as a freelance photographer, travelling around the world earning my living to fill the pages of National Geographic [sigh]. Trips to Patagonia featured heavily. I think a bit more practice might be needed first though. I keep toying with the idea of a weekend course learning the craft but they always seem so ridiculously expensive. I've also the good fortune of beautiful scenes right on my doorstep. Anyway, have cheered up a bit after running a steady but satisfying 7m out to Ilkley and back. We found a window in the torrential rain and managed a whole run without seeing a drop. Legs are also much better today. Next stop, Nelson.


  1. I did a photography course a few years ago at one of the local HE colleges(forgotten most of it now), it was an evening a week for most of an academic year but I'm sure it wasn't that expensive. I'm not sure I could do that time commitment now but it was just before digital SLR's became really cheap so it involved lots of B & W photography and dark room work.

  2. Thanks Julbags, have been thinking along those lines - maintaining for a whole term is a bit daunting though so a weekend type thing was quite attractive. What with blogs to write, and all that ewrunning to do...

  3. If you love wind and rain, you'll love Patagonia!

  4. Wow, have you been? Looks stunning - had a friend who visited for a month's trip and brought back the most inspiring pics - never knew ice could be some many different shades of blue. Wind & rain can be good as long as I'm prepared : )


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