Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday trot

I realised last week that it's now over a year since my last race. It's been twelve months of very little running, lots of house renovating and eating fairly badly as we cope without a proper kitchen. Time now to take stock of my emerging tubbiness, grit my teeth and get the trainers back on.

The last month has been a painful back to basics with some depressingly slow shuffles around town. We braved our first tour of Pendle today, inspired by the ice blue sky. Fortunately we were slow enough to take one or two blur free pics, the upside of starting from scratch... The lungs are okay but this shuffling bear's legs are feeling it now. Oh well. Gotta start somewhere.


Derby Tup said...

Wondered where you'd moved to RB! There was some very icy pavements at 6-30a.m. this morning in your old stomping ground

oldrunningfox. said...

Great to hear from you again RB, and glad you're finding time to get those legs ticking over again. After all the hassle you've been through, it would be nice to see you back running and racing again. Don't waste that awesome talent!

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