Monday, 21 February 2011

A Swig of Southern Comfort

We're just home from darn sarf but thought I ought to check in and report that we both did good; fine PBs for us both this weekend. The trip brought great racing and goodies galore, including an armful of cash and a stash of silver. There's very limited photographic evidence, what with nobody to hold coats or take pics but M did squeeze out a blurry presentation pic of me collecting my goodies for winning the ladies 20M race. For now, results here for M's 10 and here for my 20... more news tomorrow. Ooh and I was wrong, I ran 6.17/mile pace not 6.18 in the end :]


Steve said...

6:17 eh?
Well I know EXACTLY what that feels like too
Well done

ultra collie said...

great stuff both of you :)
but i really think you ought to sort your pacing out ;-)

kate said...

nice one team RB! first lady by quite a way too.

Runningbear said...

Thanks Steve. Enjoyed your jollies!

Thanks UC and Kate. Must try harder with the pacing I know.

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