Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Whilst we revel in the winning feeling this week (to get us through the sore and achy bits that is the backlash from Sunday's run), we thought it wise to post our rankings before the rest of the racing fraternity catches up.

It being the first 20 miler of the year I am happily sitting at number one in the UK, look at me! Queenie of 20 miles. This is proof of it at least until the next 20 when I will no doubt be toppled down by those who deserve the title. And look at M... number 7 Vet 40 in the UK today... woohoo!

P.s. And thanks very much to Kelvin who managed to email on some sneaky pics of us both mid race, including me testing my new marathon belt complete with gel accessories. Fetching isn't it.


Derby Tup said...

That was a brilliant run on Sunday RB. Should be a real confidence boost for your upcoming marathon. It's game on now for a 2-45! Andrew

jumbly said...

Nice one! Although I did find myself getting distracted looking at the ranking chart, mmmmmm chips. Which is I dare say why I will never make a ranking athlete! Well done to you both.

Old Runningfox. said...

Congratulations Sarah on a brilliant bit of pace making that got you round in your predicted time and took you top of the Rankings. A big WELL DONE to Marc too on his new PB. Those are times I can only dream about!

Steve said...

Many congrats - you clearly know what you are doing

Hayfella said...

Fantastic RB! So glad all your training is paying off. Only another 6 and a bit miles and there's your marathon PB too!

ultra collie said...

i now feel totally inadequate / unqualified to post on here but hey what the heck! top stuff..what a confidence booster!

Mr.K. said...

No problem - I wish I took my other camera now. Well done again to both you.

Runningbear said...

Thanks Derby Tup, very kind congrats from you. I'd be very happy with a sub 2.50 for a first timer, but really just want to get to start line and get round. Everthing crossed that I get there..

Thanks Foxy, that's really flattery coming from a superstar like yourself. My achievements pale in comparison to your own.

Hi HF, I think those last 6 are the bit that hurts! I could have managed another 2 maybe :/

Hey UC, unqualified for what exactly? Be glad you're not a fast developing injury expert like moi.

Thanks Mr K. Good to catch up with you and hope your ultra goes well. Will keep an eye on your blog.

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