Monday, 27 December 2010

Sweet 19

That pesky white stuff is back again. After a few days of hitting the tarmac post lurgy I was starting to get all optimistic that we were over all these major interruptions to training. A hilly 19 miles on ice free roads yesterday was the first long one for a while but a great return to proper training. Seeing the snow again  this morning I'm now starting to get all stressy as the weeks tick by... only 12 weeks left before the taper! We woke up this morning to heavy snow and slushy roads, Ribble 10k is cancelled, the 3rd race in a row planned and postponed.
Ah well. Instead, I've taken to more sofa slobbing; 3 films back to back being the record yesterday afternoon. As Santa missed our house again this year I've been having wicked thoughts of purchasing a new DSLR whilst I'm confined indoors. Some fine deals on Ebay are taunting me; so far I'm resisting the 'buy me now' button but not sure how much longer I can hang on whilst I'm housebound. Oh, to have a super duper camera to play with instead of one that spits out error messages every time I press the shutter button. Have I been good enough this year to deserve I wonder...


Steve said...

You need a new camera Sarah.
I'm gonnna catch you up on Blip soon if you continue messing on with the broken one.

ultra collie said...

by the look of your you dont need one!

Runningbear said...

Ooh, I'm feeling torn. It seems naughty to buy one when I can still squeeze the odd shot out.. and it's a fair wad of cash. UC's kind of right as I'm sort of managing.

But it would be so very with a full frame sensor even :] Would you be very jealous Steve?

kate said...

i'm guessing that by now you're the proud owner of a new camera! happy new year rb and m, hope it's injury free and as fast and painful as you wish ;)

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