To my fellow bloggers, readers, followers, friends and family who pop by from time to time, warmest wishes for Xmas. Those who know me well will not be suprised by our avoidance of Xmas cheer and such shenanigans where possible. To those of you who indulge, best wishes for a lovely Xmas. I hope Santa treats you well and a happy time is had by all. Enjoy the virtual Xmas decor...

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To those of you who also don't indulge, happy holidays anyway. M and I will be out running in the snow tomorrow, enjoying traffic free roads and tucking into a curry or something similar for dinner. Happy running.


  1. I know that you & M don't really celebrate Christmas, but have a great time anyway. Here in Belgium we've got more than a foot of snow, so it makes running a bit challenging.

  2. great to see the snow back!
    have a great time both of you!

  3. it'll be lonely at work on Monday and Tuesday for you then eh RB?

  4. Thanks for the good wishes folks. Hope you'all enjoyed your dinners and are running off that stuffing and Xmas pudding... healthy and speed running for 2011.


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