Monday, 20 December 2010

Eye Spy

Forgive the desperate title... you might guess that I was very bored waiting for trains this morning. To entertain myself between the tannoy announcements of delays and cancellations I spent some time snapping away at discarded crisp packets, the odd pylon and then moved on to a collection of random and slightly blurry self portraits. I had exhausted all creative possibilities for the making of art in an empty train carriage by the time we reached Bradford.

Running has been similarly dull  and frustrating whilst attempting to juggle the lurgy, the freezin' weather and seeking alternatives to dreadmill training. Heavens I'm miserable this week. But really, when will this snow and ice end?! Testing times for the dutiful. Good luck out there.  

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Andrew said...

I managed two laps of Addingham village last night c 4.5miles. It was minus 14.5 degrees C but the snow on the pavements was okay in Walsh fell shoes!

Karen Sibert said...
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Runningbear said...

Hi Andrew, what a nice surprise to have an Addingham visitor! You must wave if we cross paths around the village. Take care in the white stuff and have a lovely Xmas. RB.

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