Sunday, 2 January 2011

Flat Out

Woohoo it's 2011! A very Happy New Year to all mates, fellow bloggers and random blog visitors. Here's hoping you've enjoyed some fine food, family time, fun and frolics and are nicely set up for the New Year. As for me, it's time for a fresh start with a fresh pair of trainers out of the box and a lovely new training spreadsheet to tinker with. All those little worksheet cells ready to fill up with marathon miles and track sessions; I'm almost salivating at the prospect. 
After sliding around town for a couple of weeks in snow clogged trainers and slush-filled socks we're back to some bare, naked tarmac. Oh Yes. My last dreadmill session on Tuesday saw me ready for anything as long as it wasn't another session on a flippin' machine. I've had enough of running on the spot staring at a wall. Thankfully it was back to the roads by Wednesday after a major thaw and some fine firm ground to run on. It felt great. 

Work has been sleepy and dead quiet creating a bit of space for catching up on projects and getting home at a reasonable hour. I even stretched the mid-week long run up to 15 with some tempo from mid way. The old leggies have since felt a little mashed and were not quite as fresh for today's tough 20 with company. A change of scene was most welcome as running mate Tricky planned a loopy, undulating route starting from Yeadon, taking in Leeds-Bradford airport at least 3 times I think, [or could that be the double vision?]. Another long one in the bag though with only 12 weeks left to go before the taper...result.

So, it's been a bit patchy 2010; punctuated with illness, iron deficiency, a far-too-busy-new-job and then a poorly camera to top it off. I'm hoping 2011 will see better things. I'm now over two bouts of lurgy, the snow has thawed and I've been very naughty and splurged on a new camera (just to be absolutely sure). 2011 should see a very fit and hungry Runningbear, ready for hard racing with a very fine DSLR by her side. Sweet.


Terry Lonergan said...

All the very best for 2011 to you and Marc, Sarah. No doubt you will be competing soon so looking forward to a good performance to start the year off.
Let's hope we've seen the last of the snow and you can continue with your build up without impediment.

Antony Bradford said...

All the best to you both in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the run today you two, really enjoyed it even if we (M and Me) whimped out after 18. And hey - it's a big airport! You were in top form today not even considering you did a long tough run on Friday - ouch! Well done. Tricky

Mark H said...

Happy new year Sarah , Marc & Tricky.
All the best ,
Mark H.

Steve said...

5 miles behind you in my long run - about 5 camera models behind you too now. I'm well and truly left behind

Runningbear said...

Thanks Terry, best wishes to you both for the New Year too.

Hi MH, good to hear from you... any sign of the marathon bug returning...? :]

And Steve, don't be beaten, we all need a dream to keep hold of :] the 5D is certainly that.

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