Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Winter Tingles

Sorry, sorry, sorry [hands up]. I really did plan to blog on Sunday. I then just slumped in bed with a book post run for the entire afternoon before an evening of crazed pre-week washing and cooking Sunday dinner. It all left me in a crumpled heap before a return to the crazy scramble of work life. I'm here blogging now though :]

Blogging has suffered the blight of the mid year craziness at work as I appraise and account for my job and my team and defend each penny from the public purse we spend trying to do a hard but wonderfully stimulating and engaging job. I love my work but it's aborbing and demanding and I get as obsessed and intense about that as with lots of other stuff, like erm ...running... cake... Need I say more? I'm a freak but hope I'm forgiven.

Running however is starting to be ace again. Though I've had a very gentle few weeks of getting the leggy going I'm now getting back into some quality sessions, including a 16 miler last Sunday (that didn't almost kill me) and a bit of V02 work on Tuesday. 

Though I'm slow and blobby and far off full fitness I am running pain free (yippee) and can start planning races once again. Tonight was an easy 7 around the village with M. The night was cold, clear and starry and left my chilled legs with their first winter tingles of the season. 


Steve said...

glad you're back into the swing.
Keen followers will have noted that photo isn't one of todays though - minus 5 points

ultra collie said...

great shot!

Hayfella said...

Hooray! RB's back! Looking forward to tales of awesome reps at ridiculous speeds and running feats the like of which I can but dream.Fingers crossed the leggy behaves itself.

Runningbear said...

Thanks guys, ridiculous speeds are a bit out of reach for now at least :] Have all pinkies crossed but feelin' good and loving my running. It was a bit miserable there for a while.

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