Guilty, guilty, guilty. Have bearly :] had time to eat or run this week never mind blog with madness at work. I'm now over the worst with a break on the horizon in just 6 days time... back blogging proper tomorrow.
P.s. Did 400s at the track today... was brill to be back.


  1. River blip again RB?
    It's not even in flood!
    C'mon c'mon - fans are waiting

  2. Whew! Glad you've surface RB. I was getting worried. Sounds like you've got too much work madness. Time to change your job? (Ducks to avoid invective).

  3. Hey RB, tomorrow's gone and you're not back blogging yet!
    Love that picture with the Heron ready to stab some unsuspecting fish.

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I love the picture of the river/stream! It is so beautiful and peaceful. I think That I could just sit somewhere next to the calm waters and just relax:)

    I know that life gets crazy at times....take care of yourself!


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