Wednesday, 27 October 2010

River Prance

I snuck in a daylight amble along the riverside tonight. After some late night working yesterday (work is very mad right now) I thought I deserved an early trip home to catch the last hour of daylight.

A fine clear sky inspired the rush for home this afternoon and lit my slow but steady amble along the river Wharfe. I've some residual problems with the injury site (or more aptly named 'twingettes') but

And with less discomfort than last week. No racing for a bit longer but the pain is slowly dimishing. Hoorah.


Hayfella said...

Brilliant! The Twingettes Running Club (logo - bolts of ightning)is up and running! Yippee:))

Julie said...

Gorgeous picture:) Yay for getting out there and running! So sorry to hear about your injury...I have faith that you will recover soon and be back to your fast as a flash awesomeness:)

Take care Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Twingettes! So that's what they are! Managed a whole 20 minutes physio authorised steady plod myself last night. Apart from said twingettes, calf OK. Rest of me felt like the proverbial bag of spanners though! Still, progress of a sort. Twingettes - will there be t-shirts?
Ian Park
Horsforth Harriers

Runningbear said...

Hi Twingettes, (is the namely manly enough for you boys I wonder?)I'm beginning to question my suitability of this new club as my leggy is feeling better all the time. Managed a sesh on the track this morning, a handfull of 400s. Heart rate is still raging high but it's nice to no longer be limping :}

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