Saturday, 23 October 2010

Grate Stuff

Oops, nearly forgot to write some stuff after the bath tap emergency this afternoon... [lots of driving to all the local DIY stores this aft' (bumped into local running talent Matt Cox in B&Q btw) trying to find the right tap valve (we didn't) and now we're left with plyers instead of a tap...]

Our early bimble around Ilkley to watch a vets road relay  this morning was followed by my easy 5 miler; I was again inspired to stay focused and keep pluggin' away... but the comeback isn't quite as straight forward as I'd have hoped. The injury site is still behaving but I seem to be left with a strange feeling since the first set of physio treatment; one of running on stiff and quite sore wooden legs. The stiffness and discomfort in both legs from my 're-alignment' to address the 'neural gliding' is making running a bit of a chore, I've yet to feel easy and pain free which I'm left questioning. Is this normal? 

M tells me this is what everyone feels like after a long break from training. I'm hoping he's right and just hope it wears off soon. I'm 3 weeks back on very low mileage and I'm not rid of it yet. But I'm running again so I mustn't moan. Selby tomorrow, for M's 10 miler.


arcteryx said...
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ultra collie said...

yeah..just keep at it rb..slowly and heriocs and it'll come hopefully

Vicky said...

I'm back to running after injury and doesn't feel 'good' yet...I keep telling myself 'Slowly, slowly catchy monkey'.
Good luck

Hayfella said...

You're lucky! You can run 5 miles. I did 10 minutes on a cross-trainer and have wooden legs today! And me Dad would thrash us to sleep with an iron bar...

kate said...

don't tell him, but i think M might be right ;)

keep snapping away too, still enjoying your photos.

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