Saturday, 13 November 2010

Tenacious Me

Another blog after another buzzy sesh. It's been a long old week but well worth the madness as we're now off skool for two whole weeks!! I'm in heaven. We've days and days ahead of running, sleeping, reading and lolling with cats on laps. We've truly earned time off and it coincides well with getting back into some quality training and enjoying  daylight runs.

I was particularly proud of my stubborn little training streak this week when on Thursday  M & I battled the swirling winds and horizontal rain to churn out 10 miles around town. Not the gentlest of nights but exhilarating and a feeling of getting back into some proper training. Today was no different with a track visit in the wind and rain and a 400s session, splashing through freezing puddles and battling gusts on the bends. Tiring but fab. The times are down from my achievements on the track over the summer but little old leggy is behaving well.


Antony Bradford said...

Just great to hear your tenaciously sticking to your plan of slowly easing into it and not getting tempted to push it with a race. Sometimes patience and discipline are needed as much as hard work.

All the best.

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