Monday, 15 November 2010

Big News

Another training week starts after another long run in the bag;  survived without incident or injury. I'm building slowly but steadily, keeping an eye on quality and not being carried away with quantity. This weekend saw a return to some pretty tough stuff; a steady and undulating 16 miles the day after a taxing session at the track. The legs are tired and creaky today, but in a good, post-hard-sesh kind of way.

It's the start of holidays for M & I too, with some time to catch up with ourselves. So plans are to blog a bit, slob a bit and spend some time watching films we've recorded for rainy days with cats on our laps, sitting in pajamas until teatime if we feel like it. Today was a recovery day, a lazy 5 miles in the late sunshine. The village was dappled in wintry light, I apparently missed the foul play.


Hayfella said...

Fantastic stuff RB. Great to hear you're getting out there. By the way, how much money does your council spend a year spotlighting dog mess? Is it lit with twinkly fairy lights at Christmas? We need to know...

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