Sunday, 21 November 2010

What Lies Beneath

Being all excited at two weeks off and only running/sleeping/slobbing to focus on I think I must've gone and jinxed myself. After a fine session at the track on Tuesday I was feeling very frisky indeed and ready for some serious training this week. All was going good, including the guilty pleasure of an afternoon trip to the cinema on Wednesday afternoon. I think the stop off at Ikea afterwards was the killer blow; the sofa bed purchase just finished me off. Shopping during holidays is really not good for you.

I've since spent the rest of this first holiday week in bed with some kind of sicky flu. Activities have included sleeping or shivering with some time slumped on the bathroom floor staring at the toilet bowl. I've literally done nothing else (except gawp at the telly, including the bonus showing of Close Encounters last night. A very sentimental weep-under-the-duvet kind of film). I now feel like a major space cadet and look all bambi-like trying to get up and down the stairs. I'm over the worst of  the lurgy now I think. I'm hoping the wussy wobbles will pass in time for me to get to the track again on Tuesday. I'm going insane with a duvet overdose; I need to breath some proper fresh air and see some sky. Poor M, he's had a dull week. 

On the bright side, local running mates will have noted some fantastically fast 10K times logged today at the Abbey Dash. Well done to all, including fellow blogger Tony over at Chasing Pavements. A brilliant run.


Antony Bradford said...

Thanks for the mention and I hope you get better soon.

Anonymous said...

Nooooooooooo! Actually awarded myself the weekend off too having gone down with a sore throat. An outbreak of sense - very rare - prevailed and I spent the weekend shouting at the TV during the rugby matches and made a full recovery thanks to the healing properties of rhubarb crumble and vanilla custard! (Don't try this at home!).

Sorry to hear you've been overwhelmed with lurgy. Runners - fit but not healthy, eh? Still, caught up with TV by sounds of things. A warning though: if you find yourself strangely rivetted by the darts and end up thinking 'Ooh great, indoor crown green bowling next', seek immediate medical assistance - you are not well. This happened to me and I ended up in hospital. Of course nowadays the merest sight of 'The Count' Hankey has me offski!

Hope you are improving everyday and out there again real soon!

Ian Park
Horsforth Harriers

PS. Abbey Dash times impressive, agreed. Which is why I didn't do it!

kate said...

rubbish, that is why i never go to ikea-that and the fact i can't resist the dime bars. glad to see that your trainings been coming on well though. snuggle up for a few more days, then enjoy a few recovery jogs out in the snow.

Hayfella said...

Oh no! Get stuck into the Lemsip and get better. I need you out there and blogging to keep me going! Never did quite get the mashed potato bit in CE.

Runningbear said...

Thanks for the sympathy guys, much appreciated. I'm getting it together again now and slowly weaning myself off the telly gawpin'.

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