Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Track is Back

I'm up and about and feeling alive again after my bed bound first week. I'd recovered enough in fact to manage a track session on Tuesday, a full one too with no cutting it short, skipping off, slowing down or changing the session half way through. The optimum maximum interval time to achieve VO2 Max training improvements is 5 minutes per effort according to Jack Daniels, so I opted again for 1200s, five of them in fact. Mile reps are just a bit too tough for me right now but not far off I hope. So 5x1200m with a lap of jog recovery saw me finish the session with a total of 10 miles. A solid session to kick off a return to some decent training after my sickly distractions last week.
Now all there's left to do is keep it up for the next few months, get fit and build towards a big race. Something in the spring to keep me focused. Now, what will it be...


Antony Bradford said...

Of course this is entirely up to you, but hopefully not a marathon. Maybe think about a half marathon or ten miler....or have you already thought?

Mark H said...

Hiya Sarah.
What about Rothwell 10k ? ;-)

Runningbear said...

Whoops, too late... marathon entry now done. A low key and fun one this time though... and I need something to blog about :]

Hi MH! Great to hear from you, what'ya doin? You runnin'? Rothwell's a possibility :]

Mark H said...

Yeah , I'm running , all be it slowly.
Glad to see things are going well again for you.
Fingers crossed I'll see you and M at some races next year.
I'll drop you a line soon.

Mark H

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