Saturday, 27 November 2010

Long Runs & Gingerbread

After a rubbish first week off, this second holiday week has lived up to expectations a little better with loads of nice food, running and long sleeps. After my track flogging on Tuesday, M and I pootled around Leg 6 of the Calderdale Way by way of a recce on Wednesday; a relaxed off road run along with club mate Stewart M. We'll be both be running this with our Bingley team pairings in a couple of weeks and needed a bit of a refresher of the route. 

The rest of the week has gone swimmingly, including a great return to some long running this morning, 17.5 miles clocked from home along the snow free roads in Ilkley. I managed 2 x 2  mile tempo intervals sandwiched in the run and felt pretty strong despite the frustrating loss of fitness these last few months. It's just so good to be running pain free again, I'd almost forgetten how enjoyable running is when you've no niggles. This afternoon was spent rustling up some  post run fuel; home baked cakes for a bit of cosy weekend indulgence. I have a weakness for Starbuck's gingerbread loaf at this time of year, it's absolutely gorgeous and I found the recipe online. So naughty but very nice.


Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
Nice job on getting out there and pounding out 17 miles!

Yummy, gingerbread:) My grandmother used to make it around Christmas time and it was such a huge treat for us!

Anonymous said...

Cake! you're talking Sarah :-)

Steve said...

from your eclectic kitchen to your cafe stops,cats, cakes and riverside runs you always somehow manage to conjure up an idyllic image of Yorkshire life.

Runningbear said...

Thanks Julie, 18 next week, just trying to get used to some decent mileage once again.

Hi bondbug, thanks for dropping by. I know how much you appreciate the refuelling coverage ;}

And yes, Yorkshire is rather nice though less so tonight.. the 9 miles in the slush was far from idyllic running.

Hayfella said...

Pain-free and cake. You're having your running and eating it too! Great stuff.

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