Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Dreadmill Daze

After my toughie tempo sandwich run on Saturday morning I've enjoyed a relaxing couple of days of easy running to recover well and ready myself for tonight's quality session; long intervals. The pretty but pesky snow has disrupted my nice new training plans but the white stuff didn't get the better of this Runningbear. A shuffle around town last night saw me clock 8 miles in the blizzard that hit Ilkley at 8pm. Thankfully the absence of any cars on the roads left space for hazard free running. 
Tonight was a different matter with no option but to go indoors for some quality. The ice and snow have forced a return to Keighley leisure centre for a bit of dreadmill running. I can just about cope with intervals sessions indoors but remain unconvinced that the physical effort is anywhere near a match for a session on the track. The plan was for something long and taxing so 4 x 5 mins seemed a good start. The trick is to translate the pace; there's no let up once that dreadmill belt starts turning over and you need to get heart rate just right for maximum training benefits. 

I'm not sure I managed it tonight. Starting out at 5.40 pace,  the efforts all felt a bit too 'manageable'; no lung bursting or leg burning of note. I finished with an extra effort of 2 mins at 5.14 pace, in an attempt to end the session on a high note. Somehow the heart rate didn't seem to reach it's usual heights so I'm unsure the session achieved it's true purpose or if in fact I'd selected a dodgy dreadmill. But, a total of 10 miles running was a start at least and not to be sniffed at; it's definitely better than nowt and a sensible start to some quality running.


kate said...

It's that time of year when you need to start hammering nails into your trainers ;)

andrew said...

that's a great start! Great mental strength to get out there in the first place

Anonymous said...

RB - you can borrow my foot pod that would go with your 405 for indoor use. It's fairly accurate roughly 0.98 miles = 1 actual mile in it's current calibration (to my watch). I'm sure your (scary) stats are correct but it would put your mind at rest. Just let me know. Tricky

Runningbear said...

Hi Kate, yep, the dreadmill's driving me nuts. I'm getting desperate.

Hi Andrew, thanks for calling by and thanks for the kind words. Just been to visit you - nice blog!

Hi Tricky, ta very much ur very kind. That would be great, do you not need it? Am hoping I wont be stuck on the dreadmill for too much longer. Can't bear the idea of doing Sunday's 18 on it too. It's sooo dull.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind you using the foot pod for a while - we would need to rendezvous somewhere though. I could maybe arrange for you and M to come along to our gym for a free session - just had all the treadmills at the gym swapped for brand new ones - treadmill heaven. I'll look into it tomorrow as I've been working/away this weekend and let you know.

Runningbear said...

That would be fab Tricky. We're thinking of doing our intervals on the treadmill Tuesday night if that's doable? The snow and ice will still be settled on the track I reckon.

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