Friday, 3 December 2010

Feel The Heat

There's no avoiding the dreadmill this week with more of the white stuff and even more treacherous training conditions. It was a bimble through the drifts on Wednesday; a frolic through virgin snow at a snail's pace just to stretch the intervals out of the legs. I was hoping that some miracle overnight would have brought a warming sun and a nearly snow free Thursday. No such luck whilst the midweek long run loomed.
So, back to Keighley for the full 12 miles; half steady/ half at  somewhere nearing MRP was the plan. The gym was dead, most sensible types cosied up at home in front of the fire no doubt. The row of empty dreadmills looked ominous as M and I stepped up to the plate and pounded our little hearts out. My feet are getting gammy from this indoor running with a patchwork of blisters on both feet. Is it from the heat? Whatever it is, these sessions are mashing my feet. 

5 miles in and all was okay, a dull but 'doable' run.  Building up to mile 6 involved a bit of mental 'bracing'; knowing the next 6 were all at 6.18 pace with no let up until 12. The running seemed to go fine; smooth and without trauma. The miles in the faster gear saw me lapse into a hypnotic stupor and miles 8 to 12 seemed to whizz happily by. A nicely taxing but not too tough a long run was done. As the snow slowly freezes, forcing even the hardiest of us indoors, I am wishing for some dry road for this Sunday's long run.


Mark H said...

Hi Sarah.
Try doing 20 miles on the dreadmill like I did last winter.
Then you'll know the true meaning of boredom :)

Anonymous said...

How far on a treadmill?

You deserve a medal. Or a psychiatric examination. Which is what I told the missus when she was completeting 2 hours plus at stretch while training for London Marathon.

I'm still full of snot, sorry cold, but hope to be able to plod through the snowy fields this weekend by way of a gentle comeback. Again.

Hope you are off the treadmill soon, glad that you are back 'at it'!

Ian P
Horsforth Harriers

Paul Rhodes said...

how terrible, we are in a different situation here, approaching summer where morning runs will be 30C and the dreadmill can take us out of the heat..

Runningbear said...

Hi MH,
I do recall the very run and thought you were a complete mentalist... but am now thinking the 18 on Sunday will have to go the same way. Any top tips for dreadmill survival..?

Hi snotty Ian,
Glad you're returning to training - onwards and upwards... I need a trip to a warm sunny place and a rescue from the running machines. Will report back on mental state Sunday.

Hey Paul, sounds rotten, so much sun and warmth and running in shorts! It must be terrible! :] Seriously though I do prefer running in the cold to the heat so expect it must be tough. Extra early training it is then?

Mark H said...

Top tips for dreadmill survival ?
Just focus in on the cheezy dance music they tend to play (in my gym anyway) and sing along to it (only in your head of course , have you heard me sing ?) and the miles will simply melt away ;)

Antony Bradford said...

I agree, your mind has to be somewhere else to survive that long on the dreadmill. Music is actually a good distraction from the clock. Although it has to be music that you like. Not sure about your singing Mark H.

A good thought is to break your 18 miles into 'blocks' of running and run each block slightly different; more pace or more incline for each block.

Also set off at a pace you know you can comfortably finish the whole session and increase the pace slowly throughout the session - finishing strong and fast. Just like a race, it feels better that way round

I only do 5k sessions on the treadmill myself. Starting the speed at 17kph and doing the last 1k at 19kph. Doing just under 17-20 for 5k. Not enough time to get bored for me. Good luck with it.

Runningbear said...

Thanks guys, I managed to escape the 18 on the machine (thanks God) but like the suggestion AB, maybe 3x6miles at progressive pace would be a good structure, something to look forward to next time the treadmill calls for the weekend run ;]

Seb said...

Doing 20 miles on a treadmill is more over obsessive rather than impressive Mark H. If it's boring why do it?

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