Pure Yorkshire

My first race in a while today, for obvious reasons. It was time to get stuck in again after too long out of action. It was gonna be hard but you need lots of practice at this racing lark; I'm in dire need of a bit of race hardening, so onwards and upwards.

The leg held up (just about) and I'm proud to say us Bingley women ran our little Yorkshire hearts out at Carnegie for today's Yorkshire Road Relays. It was a bit of a damp day and most of us were racing after a bit of a break from training, so the silver medal was a very welcome reward for all our team's efforts. A warm welcome too to our newest senior team member, Carly Robertson  (pretty in pink), she had a stormer...


  1. amazing stuff rb..especially as one of you raced holding a baby too

  2. haha, i was about to say something similar to uc! good stuff, great to see you smiling again :)

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  5. Congrats to you Sarah! Another great finish:)

  6. That was a great finish.. congratulations,, you're awesome! :)


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