Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Pain Relief

So. I might have been getting a bit ahead of myself  there in supposing old leggy was on the mend. A longish run or two later and it's been very sore again since Saturday. I was even reduced to limping along the train platform again on Monday morning. So, Not Good. I've felt pretty miserable and sorry for myself these last three days; even the  bottom lip has developed scuff marks from all the dragging along the floor.

First thing Monday morning I booked myself a trip to the physio. M's prods at the sore bit of my calf on Sunday told me that it wasn't going to be pleasant. Thankfully this time I'd remembered to take a  pair of balled socks to bite my way through the agony. I presented myself complete with my left leggy promptly at 2pm for a proper shake down.  I was quite a brave soldier, accompanied unexpectedly by Coach Scobie who artfully mopped my brow. The treatment lasted over an hour and involved a whole range of prods and yanks, twists and contortions and searing, eye watering pain. However, after enduring the longest hour of my life  (could childbirth be this bad?!) it was pretty good news. 

The sore bits that I'd feared were giant balls of scrambled calf muscle  were actually just points of nerve inflammation. I have a 'neural problem' and it seems to have been put right. The relief from the treatment was immense; they work magic those physios. I was reminded yet again of the stupidity in waiting so long to see someone; I'd have saved two weeks of fretting and worrying if I'd just gone there in the first place. You now have permission to tell me I'm as daft as a brush. It's now lots of balancing exercise, neuro stretches and regular drills with training back to normal within the week.


kate said...

neuro stretches, is that doing sudoku upside down ;) glad it's good news but don't rush things!

Antony Bradford said...

The injury may be a blessing. I hope you continue with the balancing and stretching exercises etc, even when the pain subsides. I would say this is probably the most neglected part of a runners program. If you have a balance or tightness problem it can also be the most important. And your not as daft as a brush either. It would have been daft not to see anyone at all and try to 'run through' the injury with more and more miles.

Vicky said...

Could you let us know what the neuro stretches involve?

I've had calf problems for last month which is really annoying and would like to try some stretching things as can't really afford physio at mo.

Wishing you a speedy recovery

Runningbear said...

Thanks Kate, the upside down bit really boosts the brain power, blood rushin' to the head and all that.

Stretching is not a fixed part of my routine. I'm completely rubbish at it!

Vicky - Neural stuff isn't particularly difficult but I'll save you the lengthy description, main thing is trying to stretch the sciatic nerve out by slouching forward to elongate the spine whilst lengthening the leg (you feel a burn along the hammy etc). The following links give you the general idea:

ultra collie said...


Runningbear said...

Thanks UC :]

Hayfella said...

Learnt this tip from an Orthopaedic Surgery conference I once attended in Vienna (get me): You balance on one leg while cleaning your teeth. Works best with electric toothbrush: 1 min one leg, one min the other. Sounds daft, but it works. It helps stabilise the hip, enhance proprioception etc. Good luck dafty brush.

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