Sunday, 8 August 2010

I Leica Long Run

It was a return to the tough stuff  again this weekend, including a visit to the track on Saturday for some painful 400s. The usual 12 reps were cut short though; legs and calves in particular were grumbling ferociously by number 8. I called it quits, as did M saving ourselves for the long one today. We reminded ourselves of the importance of knowing when to stop flogging a dead horse...those hills from Tuesday seem to be sticking with me for now and there was much needed cake awaiting to replenish our depleted stores.

For a refreshing if slightly exhausting change M planned an 'undulating' route for us to run together today for our steady 17 miles. A late start after staying up to watch late night telly  left us setting out from Gargrave at midday under a warm sun. The  slighly wonky lollipop route took us through lovely Dales villages, Airton, Kirby Malham and Hetton. If only the hills had been less hilly. All four legs were well and truly mashed by the final miles but we consoled ourselves with reassurances of it all being fine prep for the Burnsall 10 in just under a fortnight. There's just the egg throwing training left to worry about now.


ultra collie said...

thats a lot of cake there rb..i hope theres still some left ;-)

Hayfella said...

Not so much a lollipop route as a cake route:)

kate said...


Runningbear said...

It was an aladdin's cave of sponge and butter icing. You'd have loved it Kate. The cakes looked like treasure nestled under glass domes.

Made the run well worth it just for the fine refuelling at the end.

Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
I have cut some of my training runs short too. Sometimes the body just needs to rest. You had a great speed workout with all of your 400s and then a hell of a long hilly 17 miler the next day:) Nice work! Those cakes look fabulous:) I hope that you have a wonderful week and happy running!

saucony said...

Wow seems the trail is very challenging. Keep up the good run.

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