Thursday, 5 August 2010

New Stuff

I've been a bit of a geek tart one might say; being distracted from my usual blog fiddling by other shiny things on the WWW of late. After having lots of fun creating picture books I've been distracted again by other cool new stuff. Spookily Kate's comment about her daily photo journal came whilst I was checking out Blipfoto.

I joined the site after the pure and simple excitment of discovering a quietly creative and positive place where members load a daily snap; the simple rules being only one pic per day, taken on the day of publishing.

The site is really fab and a source of constant inpsiration, but also very addictive. As every minute ticks by people all over the world upload their chosen daily snap sometimes accompanied by funny, inspiring and constructive words. If you like taking pics then you're likely to love this

Back to blogging and all is going well. My creaky old legs are starting to grumble less  and so to celebrate I put them through their paces with some hill work on Tuesday. Hill hell was less hellish than I remember though the pain may have just dulled along with my memory these last 48 hours. 8x90s reps up a steep and steady climb saw me chasing (and overtaking) some men on bicycles. (She writes smugly). 


T.C. said...

I do the same thing, Sarah! There is just SO much interesting stuff on the WWW! Loved your pic of your doorstep.

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