Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lazy Days

What a lazy week it has been since breaking up from the office over a week ago. A flying visit from a southern friend was swiftly followed by a bit of shopping for a new bearmobile, (to replace the broken one) and then a few days generally getting my head round not being at work. I'm now facing week two; the days are whizzing by, gradually being filled with trips to the vet and ideas of sorting out that peeling paint on the front door... if only the sun would come back.

Running wise the training has been low key, except for a trip to Blackpool on Saturday; a rather lonely 3k for the club in the BAL Cup competition. The best bit was the warm up in and around Stanley Park; what a great place. The event felt like more of a time trial than a race with an easy win by nearly a minute over the 3k but  it's a speed session in the bank at least.

A return to a bit of mileage for this coming week, starting with a nice long Sunday run. As M and I skirted Kilnsey Crag and climbed the road to Kettlewell, thoughts turned to the Burnsall race in August and our first inspiring introduction to Old Runningfox, a fellow adventurer around these parts. This area has got to be one of the most beautiful places in the country and the running is spectacular whatever the weather. The Burnsfall Feast Sports day is a firm Runningbear favourite and offers something for everyone, whether its road running or fell racing or just lots of cake and silly games by the river. It's a nice day out in a truly gorgeous spot; get it in your diaries.


Old Runningfox. said...

I think I saw you in Ilkley last Friday and had I not been in a mad rush to catch the Grassington bus would have asked you about the Burnsall race. I've downloaded the Entry form but need to get quite a lot fitter before I post it!

Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
Sometimes those lazy days feel so good:) It sounds like you are getting lots of things done too. Very funny how you call your car the bearmobile:)

Congrats on your 3K win...why am I not surprised?

That Burnsfall Feast Sports day sounds like a blast! Make sure to take lots of pictures to post in your blog:)

Enjoy your week RB!

ultra collie said...

ace running there rb..hope the sun comes to visit you on holiday

Runningbear said...

Sorry I missed you Old Runningfox. You NEED to enter Burnsall, you know you want to...

Thanks Julie, will take lots of pics so blog friends over the pond can enjoy the spectacle too.

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