Sunday, 1 August 2010

Round Hill 2010

It's been another funny week of seemingly doing nothing much but feeling like time has whooshed by. I reckon this is partly due to being glued to the box with hours of running inspiration being shown every day on the BBC for free. What a great week for GB and Irish athletics. For me it was topped off by our marathon girls getting some telly action for their team medal; what a proud and inspiring telly moment that was well as being just a little bit of a jealous moment, but amazing all the same, well done Michelle, Susan, Holly, Helen, Jo and Rebecca.

Today is also the last day of freedom and its back to the office tomorrow. The weather has been predictably pants again but I've at last bagged another great training week, finishing up with a long run today; a hilly 17 miles from Timble village across the moor road dropping to Otley and then home. The run was preceded by spectating a fine  local race this morning, the Round Hill Fell Race. Having not quite recovered from a dodgy foot ligament last XC season I've avoided racing anything with tussocks but M went for it and had a storming run around this challenging but beautiful and runnable 9 miles of moorland near home.

M ran bravely despite the impact of running a 400m for the club league match yesterday (eek!) and had enough mojo in his legs to smash his previous time by over 5 mins and finish in the top ten. It was a fine race organised by Otley AC and a competitive male field as the pics convey, including awesome running giant Ian Fisher who seemed to dominate the event whilst merely jogging.Well done to all those great local lads and lasses who had a great run in perfect conditions today.


Julie said...

Hi Sarah,
Woo hoo for a great hilly 17 miler! You are still running strong and busting out impressive training weeks:)

Congrats to M on a fantastic finish! Great placement too! I love all of the is always so nice to see where you get to run. Take care RB:)

ultra collie said...

top stuff to m..but where's your studs ;-)
love your landscapes rb..really atmospheric vistas

Hayfella said...

Congrats to M. Lovely running country too. I'm going to try and get over there when I'm up to more than 50m of running! Barcelona was terrific. Was great to see our marathon girls - and Rebecca's a Kendal lass too...

Chris Carver said...

Passed you as you were running down the steep hill near the hospital ... I was running up for the 20th time !!!

I thought you must've been at the Round Hill race but didn't realise only M was taking part.

Good stuff from Barcelona, I wish though that my races would attract even a small fraction of the news coverage.

zbsports said...

That is a good post...looking forward for more adventure and running update...:D

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